An analysis of clytemnestras character in agamemnon by aeschylus

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Agamemnon: Character Profiles

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Agamemnon: Biography: Aeschylus

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Clytemnestra (wife of Agamemnon)

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Clytemnestra and Gender Roles

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Agamemnon: Character Profiles

She is the daughter of a king, and clearly a powerful and confident woman, embittered by long years of brooding on Agamemnon's sacrifice of their daughter, Iphigeneia. Agamemnon Agamemnon is a powerful king, a great conqueror and leader of men, but as characterized by Aeschylus he has certain crucial weaknesses that lead to his downfall.

Agamemnon is complacent, egotistical, and shallow. Agamemnon By Aeschylus. Commentary: Quite a few comments have been posted about Agamemnon. Download: A 85k text-only version A WATCHMAN CHORUS OF ARGIVE ELDERS CLYTEMNESTRA, wife of AGAMEMNON A HERALD AGAMEMNON, King of Argos CASSANDRA, daughter of Priam, and slave of AGAMEMNON AEGISTHUS, son of Thyestes, cousin of AGAMEMNON.

In the play “Agamemnon” which was written by Aeschylus in the year B.C.E each character has their own definition of justice, they all avenge for the crimes committed through murder.

Agamemnon definition for justice is “Reward those who follow the law and punish those who don’t.”. Let’s start our discussion with the analysis of Clytemnestra’s personality. In Aeschylus' tragedy Agamemnon the character of Clytemnestra is portrayed as strong willed woman.

This characteristic is not necessarily typical of women of her time. Clytemnestra convinces Agamemnon to tread on the purple tapestries – an act of defiance to the Gods – and this misstep seals his grizzly fate.

Agamemnon Quotes in Agamemnon The Agamemnon quotes below are all either spoken by Agamemnon or refer to Agamemnon.

An analysis of clytemnestras character in agamemnon by aeschylus
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