An analysis of god in proslogion by anselm

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Anselm of Canterbury (1033—1109)

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Ontological Arguments

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Twenty Arguments For The Existence Of God

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The structure of the Ontological Argument can be outlined as follows (The argument is based on Anselm's Proslogion 2): We conceive of God as a being than which no greater can be conceived. This being than which no greater can be conceived either exists in.

They have also believed that an effective rational argument for God's existence is an important first step in opening the mind to the possibility of faith—in clearing some of the roadblocks and rubble that prevent people from taking the idea of divine revelation seriously.


Anselm's argument for the existence of God in the Proslogion is too often, perhaps almost always, misunderstood. And because it is misunderstood, it is not properly appreciated. That, simply put, is Ian Logan's contention in Reading Anselm's “Proslogion.” According to Logan, the misunderstanding is typically rooted in one thing: that those writing about Anselm's argument have not bothered.

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Saint Anselm was an Augustinian Christian whose fame rests to a great extent on his belief that faith is prior to reason, a belief he expresses in the well-known words of the Proslogion: “For I.

Philosophical discussion of arguments for the existence of God appeared to have become extinct during the heyday of logical positivism and ordinary language philosophy. However, since the mids, there has been a resurgence of interest in these arguments. Much of the discussion has focused on.

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An analysis of god in proslogion by anselm
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