An analysis of meridian a novel by american author alice walker

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The Color Purple

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Her first draft, Once, published incontains poems substantive both in Africa and during her life year at Sarah Lawrence. So, as a writer- in-residence at Jackson State College in Mississippi, Alice decided to audit a class that is being taught by poet and author, Margaret Walker.

It is in Margaret Walker's class that Alice first learned about an African-American woman writer who would profoundly influence her. CHAPTER - III MERIDIAN In the novel Meridian (), Walker writes about the Civil Right Movement of the s from the perspective of a young black woman.

African American motherhood is redefined in the novel giving a new view, to look at the life. Alice Walker has written a. alice walker Alice walker is an African-American novelist, women’s rights activist, civil right activist and poet but most famous for authoring The Color Purple.

In she won a Pulitzer Prize for fiction for her novel, The Color Purple. Meridian is a novel by American author Alice Walker. It has been described as Walker's "meditation on the modern civil rights movement." Meridian is about Meridian Hill, a young black woman in the late s who is attending college as she embraces the civil rights movement at a time when the movement becomes violent.

The story follows her life into the s through a relationship that ultimately fails. CRITICAL ANALYSIS on Meridian, written by Alice Walker, and The Bluest Eye, written by Toni Morrison.

Some works of literature are dependent upon a specific ethnic, cultural, or socioeconomic. Alice Walker, –, African-American novelist and poet, b. Eatonon, Ga. The daughter of sharecroppers, she studied at Spelman College (–63) and Sarah Lawrence College (B.A., ).

An analysis of meridian a novel by american author alice walker
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