An analysis of mtvs success and its audience

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Analysis of MTV’s SHUGA Campaign

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While partly due to CRTC programming requirements, MuchMusic had spared its audience an MTV-style descent into reality shows, the overwhelming commercialization of the pop music landscape, which many attribute to MTV, spelled the end of MuchMusic's musical diversity.

THE IMPORTANCE OF AUDIENCE IN SUCCESSFUL PROFESSIONAL ORAL COMMUNICATION Lecturer Alina NISTORESCU, PhD The article presents the importance of audience in successful professional oral communication.

The introductory part of the article mentions the recent studies on audience in oral. deal with audience analysis.

Audience Analysis

SHUGA: Analysis and Recommendations Following its debut and great popularity among Kenyan adolescents, MTV’s SHUGA has been granted a second season of six episodes.

Careful analysis of the Kenyan context is necessary before moving forward to ensure the series’ continued success and resonance in the target population.

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An analysis of mtvs success and its audience
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