An analysis of the amistad conflict

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Amistad (1997): Movie Summary & Review

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Amistad Case

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Amistad (): Movie Summary & Amistad is a recreation of the true story about an slave revolt on a small Spanish schooner, La Amistad, ironically the Spanish word for “friendship.” Spielberg does a great job in recreating the Amistad revolt that spurred a series of trials beginning in the lower courts of Connecticut and ultimately ending in the Supreme Court.

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Many conflicts occurred in this movie. And these conflicts were occurred accurately. For example, the fight to free the slaves that were on La Amistad. Also another conflict is presidents John Quincy Adam's struggle to do what is right toward the slaves.

Another conflict that was accurate was the conflict between Spain and the united states. Amistad is a movie that portrays the mutiny aboard an illegal slave ship called La Amistad.

It focuses on the Supreme Court case where the American justice system is giving the job of deciding what is supposed to happen to the Africans aboard La Amistad, the ship’s captains, the ships and all of the other property aboard the ship.

The Amistad Conflict In Januaryfifty-three African natives were kidnapped from eastern Africa and sold into the Spanish slave trade. They were then placed aboard a. Top Video Courses. The Amistad Conflict In Januaryfifty-three African natives were kidnapped from eastern Africa and sold into the Spanish an analysis of the amistad conflict slave trade.

An analysis of the amistad conflict
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