An analysis of the junipero sarra by steven hackel

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The Worlds of Junipero Serra

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The worlds of Junípero Serra : historical contexts and cultural representations

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Junipero Serra

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6 8 FURTHERREADING Pointsofinterest ManycitiesinCaliforniahavestreets,trails,andother features named after Serra. Examples include Santa Barbara. Steven W. Hackel pdf junipero serra - junipero serra: california's founding father | junipero serra: california's founding father ebook: steven to some in california, founder of church missions is far junípero serra: california’s founding father the worlds of.

On the C-SPAN Networks: Steven W. Hackel is a Professor for the History Department of the University of California, Riverside with one video in the C-SPAN Video Library; the first appearance was a. Junipero Serra alipokuwa na umri wa miaka 61 ().

Junipero Serra, O.F.M.

Steven W. Hackel

(jina la kiraia lilikuwa Miquel Josep Serra i Ferrer) alikuwa mtawa, padri na mmisionari wa Kanisa Katoliki. Alizaliwa Petra, Majorca, Hispania, tarehe 24 Novembaakafariki katika misheni ya San Carlos Borromeo de Carmelo, California, Nueva Espana, leo nchini Marekani, tarehe 28 Agosti Sep 03,  · Junipero Serra: California's Founding Father is a detailed account of the life of Junipero Serra, the Franciscan missionary responsible for a great deal of the founding of the series of missions which became the backbone of Spanish colonization in California/5.

Get this from a library! The worlds of Junípero Serra: historical contexts and cultural representations. [Steven W Hackel;] -- "In SeptemberJunípero Serra was canonized by Pope Francis in Washington DC against the protest of many Californian Native Americans who criticized his brutal treatment of their ancestors and.

An analysis of the junipero sarra by steven hackel
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Commentary: Removing Serra's name at Stanford is the easy part