An analysis of the vermeer painting in girl in hyacinth blue by susan vreeland

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Girl in Hyacinth Blue

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This is the story of its owners whose lives are influenced by its beauty and mystery. Jan 01,  · This is an awful book. I expected great things from Brooks - March is a book I treasure - but this novel is a third-rate Da Vinci code, written with about the same amount of skill.

The premise is captivating - a year-old haggadah is found in Sarajevo inand the novel sets out to explore the book's journey across Europe in those intervening years. Summary and reviews of Girl in Hyacinth Blue by Susan Vreeland, plus links to a book excerpt from Girl in Hyacinth Blue and author biography of Susan Vreeland.

The history of a Vermeer painting unfolds through a series of events that trace the ownership of the painting back to the moment of the work's inspiration. More books by Susan. Girl in Hyacinth Blue: In Susan Vreeland’s Girl in Hyacinth Blue, the star in the story is a Johannes Vermeer painting.

At his apartment, Cornelius Engelbrecht shows Richard an unsigned painting that is in the style of Johannes Vermeer. The subject of writing and receiving letters, which recurs frequently in the work of Vermeer, is given dramatic tension in this masterful painting of two women in a mysterious moment of crisis.

Johannes Vermeer (/ v ər ˈ m ɪər /; Dutch: [joːˈɦɑnəs fərˈmeːr]; October – December ) was a Dutch painter who specialized in domestic interior scenes of middle-class life. He was a moderately successful provincial genre painter in his lifetime but evidently was not wealthy, leaving his wife and children in debt at his death, perhaps because he produced relatively few.

An analysis of the vermeer painting in girl in hyacinth blue by susan vreeland
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Girl in Hyacinth Blue by Susan Vreeland