Analysis on poem ol higue by mark mcwatt

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A World of poetry for CXC

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QUESTION TWO: Write a comparative analysis of ONE Of the following pairs of poems. or Higue by Wordsworth McAndrew 01 woman wid de wrinkled skin, Leh de ol' higue wuk begin. Put on you fiery' disguise, Ol' woman wid de weary eyes. Shed you swizzly skin.

Ball o' fire, raise up high. Raise up till you touch de sky. Land 'pon top somebody roof. So this poem doess show resistance righte because i was given a CXC question which said to select 2 poems which gives the idea of resistance Anonymous [email protected], Commendable analysis great job!!.

Ol' Higue by Mark McWatt Ol’ Higue by Mark McWatt Ol’ Higue is a poem in the form of a dramatic monologue, which is the type of poem that contains features of both lyric & dramatic poetry. Cxc English B Essay. Literature Tuesday, September 6, Course Outline for CXC English B CSEC ENGLISH LITURATURE FOURTH & FIFTH FORM COURSE GUIDE/ TOPICS “Creativity comes from trust - Cxc English B Essay introduction.

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Analysis on poem ol higue by mark mcwatt
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