Character analysis of jimmy doyle in after the race by james joyce

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Jimmy Doyle: After the Race by James Joyce Paper

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James Joyce Paper

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Summary. After an automobile race outside Dublin, a year-old Irishman named Jimmy, the son of a wealthy former butcher, accompanies the French team back into the city.

Jimmy was educated at a Catholic preparatory school in England, then Trinity College in Dublin, and finally at Cambridge University (though he was never a serious student). Characterization of Jimmy Doyle in "After the Race" Anonymous Just one of the many short stories compiled in James Joyce’s Dubliners, “After the Race” is an effective portrayal of the shame and misfortune that result from Jimmy Doyle’s efforts to become accepted by a wealthy group of men.

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Home» Jimmy Doyle: After the Race by James Joyce Jimmy Doyle: After the Race by James Joyce After the Race After the Race is one of the Dubliners short stories by James Joyces.

Character analysis of jimmy doyle in after the race by james joyce
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