Computron industries jamison analysis

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Chapter 2 – Integrative Problems

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Inflation distorts firms balance sheets. In the same time as the magnetic lines of force C. Donna Jamison, a recent graduate of the University of Tennessee with four years of banking experience, was recently brought in as assistant to the chairman of the board of Computron Industries, a manufacturer of electronic calculators.

CHAPTER 4 – Analysis of Financial Statements: MINI CASE (Corresponds to PPTs & Class) () THE FIRST PART OF THE CASE, PRESENTED IN. With an enrollment representing all 82 Mississippi counties, 50 states and over 75 foreign countries, Mississippi State truly is an outstanding choice for tomorrow's scholars and leaders.

Donna Jamison was recently hired as a financial analyst by Computron Industries, a manufacturer of electronic components.

Her first task was to conduct a financial analysis of the firm covering the past two years. To begin, she gathered the following financial statements and other data. Macon, Georgia Area Financial and Insurance Services at Southern Financial Consultants, Inc.

Financial Services Skills: Account Management, Business Strategy, New Business Development, Sales Management, Business Communications, Sales, Business Development, Budgets, Public Speaking, Nonprofits, Training, Customer Service, Public Relations.

Donna Jamison was brought in as assistant to Fred Campo, Computron’s chairman, who had the task of getting the company back into a sound financial position.

Computron’s and balance sheets and income statements, together with projections forare shown in the following tables.

Computron industries jamison analysis
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