Critical analysis of the fiscal responsibility

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Critical Analysis of the Fiscal Responsibility Act

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Fiscal Responsibility: A Critical Analysis of FRDL (2005) Pakistan

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This body can sue and be sued in its name and is responsible for monitoring and enforcing the provisions of the Fiscal Responsibility Act as well as promote the economic objectives contained in S.

16 of the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria; see S. 1(). The term fiscal responsibility in financial dictionary is defined as “A balanced budget”. That is a budget wherein expenditures during a given period of time equal to revenues.

The fiscal responsibility also includes a budget in which revenue is greater than the expenditures. Fiscal Responsibility: A Critical Analysis of FRDL () Pakistan By Muhammad Ali Qasim (Research Economist, PIDE) & Mahmood Khalid (Research Economist, PIDE) Introduction The term fiscal responsibility in financial dictionary is defined as “A balanced budget”.

That is a. Key Features of the Fiscal Responsibility Act The Act provides for a comprehensive budgetary planning process derived from Medium Term Expenditure Framework (MTEF). This is a tool for Page 15 of 19 linking policy, planning and budgeting over the medium-term – usually three years – at a government wide level.

Fiscal responsibility is critical for a nation to remain prosperous and stronger in future. At least for the last two decades poor/weak fiscal responsibility is being practiced in Pakistan as the fiscal deficit for the last two decades remained more than five percent of GDP.

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Critical analysis of the fiscal responsibility
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Fiscal Responsibility: A Critical Analysis of FRDL () Pakistan